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Power House Voices: Amazing Experiences on ClubHouse Volumes 1 & 2

In the middle of an unexpected experience that impacted everyone across the world; a new audio-only app burst on the social media scene and connected people from all genders, ethnicities, and social statuses in a way no one thought possible.

Powerhouse Voices Amazing Experiences on Clubhouse Volume 1 focused on celebrities, influencers, CEOs, authors, politicians, artists, stylists, and leading entrepreneurs who emerged as dynamic voices that freely shared their wealth of knowledge and experiences with people who were suddenly faced with the daunting choice of losing their employment or staying home with their families. People now had to figure out how to make ends meet, before they met the end. Many chose the latter, and the “gems” of information dropped in Clubhouse rooms helped bridge the gap between being a 9-to-5er and striking gold as an entrepreneur. People finally found their … voice and embraced the path that led to their true destiny.

This first volume of Powerhouse Voices Amazing Experiences on Clubhouse has success strategies and tips from the most dynamic voices in the world.

Created by USA TodayBestselling Author, Naleighna Kai
Featuring New York Times Bestselling Author Mary B. Morrison with Ehryck Gilmore, Natasha Graziano, Stephanie M. Freeman, La Ammitai, Erin Hernandez-Reisner, Maria Alejandria Munoz, Michael Graziano, D. M. Woods, Laura Bilotta, Jackie Minsky, Kara Allan, J. L. Woodson, Cynthia Fontaine, Jodeen Bergstrom, Mou Bhattacharya, Charles Myambo

Powerhouse Voices: Amazing Experiences on Clubhouse Volume Two continues with more success stories that happened on an audio-only app that changed the world and helped people connect on a deeper level.

Celebrities, influencers, life coaches, CEOs, authors, artists, and leading entrepreneurs share the best advice to level up on all platforms, expand visibility and reach, increase your client base and prosperity.

Created by USA TodayBestselling Author, Naleighna Kai
Featuring New York Times Bestselling Author Mary B. Morrison, Ehryck Gilmore, Stephanie M. Freeman, J. L. Woodson, La Ammitai, Darryl Benally, Chi Love, Jacquie Branagan, Matt Sandy, Glenn Rudin, Jeremy Burright, Sir Marco Robinson, Bobby Del Rio, Dan Eisen, and Michael “Health Unicorn” Montgomery.

The Ins and Outs of Publishing Books 1 and 2

The Write Stuff is the book for anyone who wishes to dip their toe into the literary waters. Each author shares their inspiration on getting you started on your writing journey, editing, world-building, and even additional insight on writing in the following genres:

Romantic Suspense
Thrillers and Paranormal

If you’re thinking about writing and publishing, this book will help you to do the damn thing!

The Marketing Stuff is the companion book for The Write Stuff: A Journey into Writing Your Book and takes authors on the part of the journey that some find challenging.

Each author, from New York Times to national bestsellers, shares their inspiration for taking their publishing journey. You will find tips on everything from connecting to readers on various platforms, to ways of growing your brand and expanding visibility.

The Grateful Hearts Series

Survivor: Stumbling Blocks to Steppingstones

Reviews for Survivor

The Queens of the Castle Standalone Series

Reviews for Queen of Shadow Bay

The Pleasures Series

Knights of the Castle Series

The Diamonds Blood and Shadows Series

Welcome to Shadow Bay, Maryland

Necessary Evil: Book One

On the Dark Web, Alanna Symone is the most precious commodity alive. Fathoms below in Deep Web, she is also the deadliest. Can hard-nosed, Homicide Detective Cassiel Garrett, figure out her next move or will a “Necessary Evil” kills them both?


“Necessary Evil kept me on the edge of my seat. What a compelling, gritty, and suspenseful read! The pace is fast, yet the author has the unique ability to slow things down for a long moment, creating deep and perfect studies of her characters.”-—Deborah O’Neill Cordes

“… a gripping, action-packed story filled with brave, honest characters and poetic, often heartbreaking prose. This is a story of star-crossed lovers that goes above and beyond.” Becky Flade

Spellbinding! This was a powerful, gritty, terrifyingly absorbing novel.-—Cary Morgan

Unfinished Business: Book Two

Sex … Blood … Diamonds. Human capital is the “new” oil. Drug cartels are the aristocracy. Bitcoin is king, but sex, blood, and diamonds rule the world.
Alana Symone walked away from that world when Homicide Detective Cassiel Garrett gave her his heart and a new life. Her betrayal has a price.


“Stephanie Freeman’s intense and emotional writing style will keep readers turning the pages in her newest suspense novel, Unfinished Business. This is an exciting, intense novel about people readers can like and respect, and whose love story is intense and believable.”—Katherine King

Kidnapping, passion, murder, trust, extortion, and forbidden love. Stephanie Freeman knows how to keep a reader on the edge of their seat. Unfinished Business wasn’t my first Stephanie Freeman novel and it won’t be my last. The flow of her writing style alone … poetic, uninhibited, brutally honest … is enough to keep you turning pages. I haven’t read the prequel, Necessary Evil, and never felt like I was missing something or a step behind.—Peggy Bird

Nature of the Beast: Book Three

Everything vanished in the heat of a kiss … One breath and the years spun away. Someone wants to kill Willow Daniels. Can she trust the enigmatic owner of a nightclub or will the secrets that surround him destroy them both?


“Stephanie Freeman’s Nature of the Beast is a gripping and suspenseful read. Ms. Freeman knows how to develop her characters; their happiness, rage, angst, and love is fully explored and etched as clearly as diamonds on glass. Her heroine and hero, Willow and Daniels, have tremendous obstacles to overcome, and I guarantee you will enjoy the twists and turns of their journey as they battle against the “beast,” while seeking to heal themselves and each other.”—Deborah O’Neill Cordes, Amazon Reviewer

“This was an exciting, emotional read, with excellent development of the protagonists’ journey toward a resolution of their own relationship and the danger surrounding them. Once I got into the story, it was hard to put it down. Amid the exciting world of federal agents dedicated to solving arsons, Willow and Harlem must remain one step ahead of an enemy who seems to know everything about them. Can Davis trust Willow with his own shattering secrets long enough to save her life?” —K. King, Amazon Reviewer

“Nature of the Beast is a story about fighting temptation, misunderstanding, and connection. It’s a story about loss. But mostly it’s a story about love. Recommended for anyone who loves a happily ever after, a strong heroine and a sexy male protagonist. And maybe even a little fire.”—Terri, Amazon Reviewer

“Davis is an incredibly sexy man with a cautious heart. Willow can’t seem to figure out why he brings back memories of her lost love. Freeman’s characters are people worth admiring. A smooth businessman and an FBI arson investigator. The plot is ever-developing with new twists throughout. I couldn’t put it down. Nicely done!”—R. T. Wolfe

”Stephanie Freedman is a fantastic storyteller who really knows how to draw her readers into a story. Dangerous mysteries drive this moving and unique story. Ms. Freedman keeps it interesting with a wounded, yet strong heroine, who knows her job and does it well, and an alpha male hero who takes his job of taking care of his heroine seriously – both of whose lives are threatened by the truth about their own pasts. Revenge, redemption, betrayal, and romance – you’ll find it all here.”—Amanda Shalaby

Season of the Blood: Book Four

‘Everything is for sale. Even the screams.’ Secrets drove gifted surgeon, Olivia Calderone, away from Shadow Bay. Now that she’s come home, will something more sinister be the death of her?. Homicide Lieutenant, Gabriel Garrett, is a man well acquainted with shadows and darkness.  With the discovery of a mass grave in his hometown that shines a light on an underworld no one realize existed, his second chance with a long lost soulmate hangs in the balance. Will his pursuit of justice restore a love interrupted or will the truth destroy them both?


I am reading Season of Blood by the otherworldly talented Stephanie M. Freeman . Have you ever read a book so darn good that you have to slow down to meticulously devour each and every letter? This is that kind of book! Y’all, I want to crawl up inside Steph’s mind and sit a spell!

~Florenza Denise Lee

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