The Diamonds, Blood and Shadows Series

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Necessary Evil: Book One

On the Dark Web, Alanna Symone is the most precious commodity alive. Fathoms below in Deep Web, she is also the deadliest. Can hard-nosed, Homicide Detective Cassiel Garrett, figure out her next move or will a “Necessary Evil” kills them both?


“Necessary Evil kept me on the edge of my seat. What a compelling, gritty, and suspenseful read! The pace is fast, yet the author has the unique ability to slow things down for a long moment, creating deep and perfect studies of her characters.”-—Deborah O’Neill Cordes

“… a gripping, action-packed story filled with brave, honest characters and poetic, often heartbreaking prose. This is a story of star-crossed lovers that goes above and beyond.” Becky Flade

Spellbinding! This was a powerful, gritty, terrifyingly absorbing novel.-—Cary Morgan

Unfinished Business: Book Two

Sex … Blood … Diamonds. Human capital is the “new” oil. Drug cartels are the aristocracy. Bitcoin is king, but sex, blood, and diamonds rule the world.
Alana Symone walked away from that world when Homicide Detective Cassiel Garrett gave her his heart and a new life. Her betrayal has a price.


“Stephanie Freeman’s intense and emotional writing style will keep readers turning the pages in her newest suspense novel, Unfinished Business. This is an exciting, intense novel about people readers can like and respect, and whose love story is intense and believable.”—Katherine King

Kidnapping, passion, murder, trust, extortion, and forbidden love. Stephanie Freeman knows how to keep a reader on the edge of their seat. Unfinished Business wasn’t my first Stephanie Freeman novel and it won’t be my last. The flow of her writing style alone … poetic, uninhibited, brutally honest … is enough to keep you turning pages. I haven’t read the prequel, Necessary Evil, and never felt like I was missing something or a step behind.—Peggy Bird

Nature of the Beast: Book Three

Everything vanished in the heat of a kiss … One breath and the years spun away. Someone wants to kill Willow Daniels. Can she trust the enigmatic owner of a nightclub or will the secrets that surround him destroy them both?


“Stephanie Freeman’s Nature of the Beast is a gripping and suspenseful read. Ms. Freeman knows how to develop her characters; their happiness, rage, angst, and love is fully explored and etched as clearly as diamonds on glass. Her heroine and hero, Willow and Daniels, have tremendous obstacles to overcome, and I guarantee you will enjoy the twists and turns of their journey as they battle against the “beast,” while seeking to heal themselves and each other.”—Deborah O’Neill Cordes, Amazon Reviewer

“This was an exciting, emotional read, with excellent development of the protagonists’ journey toward a resolution of their own relationship and the danger surrounding them. Once I got into the story, it was hard to put it down. Amid the exciting world of federal agents dedicated to solving arsons, Willow and Harlem must remain one step ahead of an enemy who seems to know everything about them. Can Davis trust Willow with his own shattering secrets long enough to save her life?” —K. King, Amazon Reviewer

“Nature of the Beast is a story about fighting temptation, misunderstanding, and connection. It’s a story about loss. But mostly it’s a story about love. Recommended for anyone who loves a happily ever after, a strong heroine and a sexy male protagonist. And maybe even a little fire.”—Terri, Amazon Reviewer

“Davis is an incredibly sexy man with a cautious heart. Willow can’t seem to figure out why he brings back memories of her lost love. Freeman’s characters are people worth admiring. A smooth businessman and an FBI arson investigator. The plot is ever-developing with new twists throughout. I couldn’t put it down. Nicely done!”—R. T. Wolfe

”Stephanie Freedman is a fantastic storyteller who really knows how to draw her readers into a story. Dangerous mysteries drive this moving and unique story. Ms. Freedman keeps it interesting with a wounded, yet strong heroine, who knows her job and does it well, and an alpha male hero who takes his job of taking care of his heroine seriously – both of whose lives are threatened by the truth about their own pasts. Revenge, redemption, betrayal, and romance – you’ll find it all here.”—Amanda Shalaby

Season of the Blood: Book Four

‘Everything is for sale. Even the screams.’ Secrets drove gifted surgeon, Olivia Calderone, away from Shadow Bay. Now that she’s come home, will something more sinister be the death of her?. Homicide Lieutenant, Gabriel Garrett, is a man well acquainted with shadows and darkness.  With the discovery of a mass grave in his hometown that shines a light on an underworld no one realize existed, his second chance with a long lost soulmate hangs in the balance. Will his pursuit of justice restore a love interrupted or will the truth destroy them both?



I am not one or the other.

 Names are petty and mine never fit no how. Profound and profane is good enough for me.

I am perfect in my otherness, believe that.

 Such a simple truth that dogged my steps from the time I was born. Can’t say my parents loved me, you understand. On the outside I resembled every little girl all decked out in barrettes and bows. Under my skirts… well that was another story entirely. Never thought anything was right or wrong with me until the games started with Daddy.

I won’t bore you with the particulars. Spare me the tears and the guilt that passes for sympathy. All you need to know is that by my twelfth birthday Daddy was in the ground and I put him there. Planted him better than any undertaker or gardener. You don’t get to know how I finished him neither. All you need to know is that he died screaming. Made damned sure of that. I even joined him at one point… in screaming that is.

Laughed a little too.

Mamma married again and you’d think she’d trade up. Hearing the grunts and groans and the occasional gag before she bolted to the bathroom served as a marker. What she couldn’t abide, and more or less let slide I was assigned to.

To keep the peace…. Hell, maybe to take her place on account of the new baby on the way. Out with the old and in with the new, I guess.  Hoped it wasn’t true. Prayed it wasn’t , but then I heard the floor creak and my doorknob turn.  You know how the story goes.

 Can’t stay anywhere for free.

Frying pan to the fire. Rolled out with the clothes on my back and a sweaty, crumpled five in my pocket. Won’t tell you how I earned that or about my first night’s peace. You see my otherness had its perks and buyers. Some meaner than others, but it was business; nothing personal.

Snuffling back blood and spitting out a tooth or two makes you humble or mean. I chose the latter and had a good run until I didn’t.

That was where she found me. Hair like flames; green eyes like hellfire. Never said a word. Just sat there in an alley that reeked of piss, vomit and my own fear. Sat there as fine as you please on a wooden milk crate next to the pile of garbage I’d been thrown in.

Followed her I don’t remember how many city blocks.. It was almost daylight before we got to where she was going. She unlocked the door to an apartment and went in leaving the choice to me.

It is one I will never regret.

It’s why I’m here with grey eyes, sagging breasts and a silver beard to match. Filed my teeth down to points and forked my tongue. Can lick many things in many directions and I often do. People think me a monster, and I am. I live, lie and fuck all in equal measure.

 Male…female or something else on the menu, I ain’t particular and I don’t discriminate.

I run it all; buy and sell it all. It’s what I am, who I am and what I do.

And I’m good at it.

 With a shot glass in one hand and a blunt dangling from the corner of my mouth I am the one your Mamma couldn’t conjure in her worse night terror.

But to her…. Not Mamma, you dumb shit. The one that saved my life and straightened my crown of bones. To her I am Blood.  I’d kill or die for her and that’s even after I betrayed her.

Now mind you she ain’t no saint. She rocks her sins like a Sable, and we, the ones she saved worship her for it.

 Which is what make our history with this child between us so sweet and strange. Neither of us birthed her, but that little girl is ours just the same. Imagine… two demons raising a little girl. She grown now. Her hands are worth 2 million apiece if you can believe that.

To save her life she gonna have to let one of us go.

But which one… which one?

Not much time left.

Sins be like chickens coming home to roost and them sumbitches have teeth.

Hell, more like a season of the blood; a fine season of sacrifice.

Excerpt from Season of the Blood: necessary Evil Part III

Copyright© 2020 by Stephanie Freeman

All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portion thereof in any form whatsoever.

Knight of Bronzeville

Chaz Maharaj thought he could maintain the lie of a perfect marriage for his adoring fans … until he met Amanda.

The connection between them should have ended with that unconditional “hall pass” which led to one night of unbridled passion. But once would never satisfy his hunger for a woman who could never be his. When Amanda walked out of his life, it was supposed to be forever. Neither of them could have anticipated fate’s plan.

Chaz wants to explore his feelings for Amanda, but Susan has other ideas. Prepared to fight for his budding romance and navigate a plot that’s been laid to crush them, an unexpected twist threatens his love and her life.

When Amanda’s past comes back to haunt them, Chaz enlists the Kings of the Castle to save his newfound love in a daring escape.


So, the Knights are turning out to be just as fierce and amazing as the Kings!! If anyone has gone through it, Amanda surpasses it in this story! I’m not sure how Chaz was able to make it through his marriage as long as he did with that hateful, privileged and racist wife called Susan! I loved how he stepped in for Amanda and supported her through all of her trials and tribulations!! I loved this book and I loved how she came into herself while locked up!! This is an excellent book and I highly recommend it!! Kudos, Naleighna!! 💜

~Geri Evans

It amazed me of the life Mandy went through before meeting Chaz. They make a awesome couple and I am so happy the found each other. I see the future being a ruff one especially with his ex wife still being out there as well as the judge’s colleagues and the ones backing him maybe after them all. I recommend this book and but I would read Kings of the Castle first to get to no the characters. Also please read some of the other books written by these amazing authors.

~Tina D

This is the second book in the Knight series and I must say this is a pager turner, just like the first book. In this storyline we meet Chaz Maharaj, his hateful wife Susan, Amanda McCoy who is Ellena’s sister.
Chaz and his wife Susan are at a Caribbean Resort for a Health, Meditation and Yoga, they are facilitating. When Amanda walks into the room to attend the conference Susan attacks her verbally because Amanda is a plus size woman and black. When Susan try to say she did not offer the workshop Amanda registered for, Amanda pulls up her receipt on her phone as proof Susan makes racist remark to Amanda. When Chaz saw what was happening he immediately came to Amanda’s defense and said he will work with Amanda and Susan can do the conference with the other participants, where some of the participants left because of how awful Susan treated Amanda.
When Chaz and Amanda are alone you can see the sparks that fly between them. One of those moments was when Chaz went into Amanda’s room in the suite and she was sleeping. Chaz was looking at Amanda’s thighs half covered by the bedding and Chaz wanted to undress and get in the bed with her but he thought to himself “ No, beloved, when I make you mine you must be awake. I want you to know and never forget us this night and forever.” I just felt the respect he had for her and he wanted to wait for Amanda to say she wanted him too.
There is something from her past that Amanda is afraid of and haunted by, Chaz being in a one way loveless marriage with Susan and now Susan is out for revenge against Amanda. Makes for a storyline with a lot of plots and twist, crooked law enforcement, prosecutors and judges, plus appearances of some of the Kings. So you will have to read the storyline to find out what happens because I don’t want to give any spoilers.
I highly recommend this book to read and I look forward to reading more books in the Knights of series, which each can be read as stand-alone.
Cassandra H.
I received a Arc from Netgalley for review and this review is of my own honest opinion and thoughts.

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