Congratulations Dr. Vanessa Howard!!!

It came in a white mist which left death in its wake. Children playing in the St. Louis streets inhaled the clouds and embraced the cooling mist as it danced around our bodies. Who would have thought that these mystical veils were part of a diabolical government plot that had the potential to destroy our hopes and dreams?,Dr. Vanessa Howard’s book From the Projects to a Ph.D. discusses humble beginnings, challenges in pursuing higher education, and the determination needed to succeed. You will be inspired by the resiliency of the human spirit, as she shares personal insights, and experiences of racial inequities that shaped, but did not define her life..Amazon: B&N: Apple Books: Kobo: .Cover designed by: J. L. Woodson for Woodson Creative Studio #newrelease#kindlebooks#goodreads#drvhoward#projectstophd

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