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How to Publish an eBook Using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

At last you are finished with your masterpiece and you’re ready to take your book to the next level. You’ve done the hard part. Now. you are ready to make your dream of becoming a published author come true!

Of all of the eBook Publishers out there, the one I’ve worked with over the years is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. In the beginning, I used Create Space which was also through Amazon. A few years ago, Create Space folded/merged with Kindle Direct Publishing. I found both to be easy to use and in the event I needed help with anything, their Customer Service Department was on point.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. I am not getting paid to talk about this firm in any way shape or form. I am merely a satisfied customer offering one possible resource. In my previous article, I gave you a list of other eBook publishers that are available.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, here are a list of instructions on how to publish your eBook Published using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Step One: Go to https://kdp.amazon.com/

Step Two: Create an account.

Step Three: Follow the prompts.

Note: You will be issued an ISBN number. This is an important identifier for your book. Be sure to write it down. This number/identifier will be added to your book information on the Amazon website when the book is available for purchase, You will need to add this information to your Media Kit. More on Media Kits in another article.

Step Four: When prompted, upload your manuscript.

Step Five: Select your book book size. The system will recommend the correct size, page type and color

Step Six: Select your book cover. If you already have an image you’d like to use, upload it to the website.

Note: Make sure that the image you are using is a clear, royalty free image. Do a keyword search for royalty free images. Important: Family photos are nice but you need to be sure that if others are featured in the photo that you have permission to share their likeness/image.

Note: If there are sizing issues, the system will prompt you to correct them.

Step Seven: While the system is creating your book, you may be prompted to work on the synopsis of the book (what your book is about) author information and pricing and distribution. The system will make recommendations on pricing.

Step Eight: Select your percentage of royalties.

Note: Royalties are based on how much it will cost to manufacture your book.

Note: You will also have the option of setting your book up for Kindle Unlimited and other promotional opportunities to sell your book at a special discount to help promote your book

Step Nine: Select your distribution areas (brick and mortar stores for physical copies of the book, US or global for e-Books).

Step Ten: The system will give you an electronic proof of your book. Be sure to review this carefully.

Step Eleven: Correct any lingering issues with typesetting, book cover issues etc.

Step Twelve: Click Accept/Publish. The system will inform you of when the book will “Go Live” (become available for purchase).

Congratulations! You just published your first eBook! Now get to work on your back list. Kinda hard to build a fan base without other books waiting in the wings!

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