Stephanie Freeman

Necessary Evil

On the Dark Web, Alana Symone is the most priceless  commodity alive. Fathoms below in Deep Web, she is the deadliest.  Can hard nosed Homicide Detective Cassiel Garrett  figure out her next move or will her ‘Necessary Evil’ kill them both?

Unfinished Business Necessary Evil Pt. II

Sex…. Blood… Diamonds.

Far away from the suburbs and beneath the city streets there exists a world dark and deep. The skeletal remains of innocence and justice whither to dust in an atmosphere rank with misery and desperation. Human capital is the “new” oil. Drug cartels are the aristocracy.  Sex, blood and diamonds are the currency of this nation; where hope is a cruel joke and  Necessary Evil isn’t a choice so much as it is a religion.

Alana Symone walked away from that world.

Her betrayal has a price.

Season of the Blood: Necessary Evil Pt. III

‘There’s blood in the mud and the house knows why.’

Nature of the Beast

Everything vanished in the heat of a kiss . . . One breath and the years spun away. Someone wants to kill Willow Daniels. Can she trust the enigmatic owner of a nightclub or will the secrets that surround him destroy them both?

A Letter from Yesay

She folded the pages. Some were old . . . stained with tears and time. Others were a pale pink . . . the color of hope, scented with lavender and regrets. It was hello. It was goodbye and the fathoms of memory that dwell in between. Murder mystery writer Garin Carter surrounds herself with shadows and secrets for a living. But when the mystery leaves the page and puts her life and others at risk, can she trust a stranger with an unspeakable or will the contents of the letter seal her fate? Multimillionaire Alex Mathews has the world at his fingertips when a letter arrives. Will its contents rip at the very fabric of his existence or will it bring him a happiness he’s never known?

Midnight Son

Something else survived The Middle Passage!

Daniel Boudreaux is hot on the trail of a sadistic serial killer. The murders are eerily similar to a 300- year old cold case.His Main suspect is his soul mate.Victim or murderer?Sophia Carter is a powerful Griot. She knows there is a price to pay for some stories being told. Can she trust Daniel Boudreaux with the truth or will telling the story destroy them both?Past is present and present is past in this Romantic Thriller.

Writing as Aracyne Kelly

She folded her hands to pray and then she remembered the blood. Pastor Gideon Maccabee just saved a woman’s life. Will her presence in his congregation be a blessing or a curse with deadly consequences? The roads to Heaven and Hell intersect in this taut Christian Thriller.

Catherine Robinson and Mason West are strangers living a parent’s worse nightmare; the loss of a child.
Grief drew them together. Will love drive them apart?