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Quill’s Edge Author Spotlight: Allie West, M. Ed.

Welcome to another edition of Quill’s Edge. We are thrilled to have Breakout International Author and Motivational Speaker Allie West M.Ed. joining us today.

Allie West, Author


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Conference Presenter University of Delaware July 18, 2020

Stephanie: Thanks for joining us Allie! I understand that you just finished an International Book Tour?

Allie West: Thanks for having me. Yes, I just completed an International Book Tour and I look forward to resuming my Germany Book Tour dates in September of this year.

Stephanie: That’s amazing, congratulations! So, tell the Quill’s Edge Tribe a little about yourself.

Allie West: I am, originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. My career in Early Education took me to Atlanta. After twenty wonderful years of service I left the field to pursue my writing career. I am the proud owner of Allie West Productions where I cultivate my Messologist brand. Now, I live in Germany with my wonderful husband where I enjoy reading, traveling and decorating.  

Stephanie: What is Messology or a Messologist?

Allie West: Messologist(logy) is a simple , but powerful concept/philosophy. Through my written work and speaking engagements, I teach others how to turn their mess into their masterpiece.

My first book, Dressed Up Mess came out in November 2019. This book recounts my journey and ultimate realization that in order for a true healing to take place in my life, I had to address certain aspects of my life (my mess) to bring about a real and lasting change.

Stephanie: Wow! What a powerful story!

Allie West: Thank you. As the title suggests, anyone can find their life in a mess.

I had it all: successful life and career in Atlanta. I walked away from all of that for love. I moved across the country to Arizona for what I thought was my ‘Happily Ever After’ only to find myself in the middle of a nightmare.  I was forced to move back to my hometown and back to my parents’ house with two kids in tow. I was in rough shape spiritually and emotionally. But that set back became the start of my comeback!

Have you ever felt trapped and doubted your decisions? Felt hopeless with nowhere to turn? This is my truth….’

an excerpt from Dressed Up Mess by Allie West

The enduring message of my book, Dressed Up Mess is this: It is okay to be a mess. It is not ok to stay a mess. 

Stephanie: As I read your book, I was taken by your conversational approach. There were times, I felt as if you were sitting across from me having a cup of tea as you told your story. What a powerful testimony you have!

Allie West: Thanks Stephanie. I firmly believe that our outward appearance, our feathers if you will rarely match our inner being. The clothes, the make up and all the other trappings of success are like feathers; brilliant to some, and a distraction to haters or those that prey on us, but the mess is still there. Until we roll up our sleeves and put in that sweat equity… Until we clear away the debris that holds us back; our true potential our true feathers will never grow.

Stephanie:   Agreed. Will there be a sequel to Dressed Up Mess?  

Allie West: Yes! If Dressed Up Mess was the pre-work, then my sequel, Still a Mess is the continuation of my story.

Stephanie: Wonderful! When will it be available?

Allie West: Still a Mess will be out in July 2020.

Stephanie: Can’t wait to read it. So, what inspired you to start writing?

Allie West: Dr. Julia Hare is the author of the Black Think Tank is from my hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. She visited the University of Oklahoma when I was a student there. She was the first author I had ever seen in person that looked like me. She was intelligent, poised and beautiful. I didn’t start writing until years later, but that experience planted a seed that blossomed into my interest in writing.

My book A Dressed-Up Mess was inspired by my bout with severe depression.  Journaling helped me sort out the chaos in my head and ultimately lead me into telling my story of my discovery that I was a ‘Dressed Up Mess.’

Stephanie:  And now for some fun questions! Describe your writing space.

Allie West I live in Kusel, Germany and my office is on the third floor of our home.  I live on a mountain overlooking the town.  My office window has a picturesque view of the town’s core which consists of a medieval street layout; that still exists to this day.

 My office reflects my personality, its light, airy, positive and the energy easily flows. My books and other items I treasure are housed in boxes that have peacock colors or images of peacocks on them 

Stephanie: How lovely. From your book cover to your office and all throughout your book, it sounds like peacocks hold a special significance for you.

Allie West: They do! Like peacocks, we proudly strut about covering up any defects that we may have but like the Peacock we are restored and reborn once we address our mess.

Stephanie: Who is your favorite author?

Allie West: Maya Angelou – She was an amazing storyteller. She lived her truth and was not afraid to write about her life: the good, bad and ugly. She faced the world full stride and was not ashamed of her walk. She lived her life unapologetically and I admire that. 

Stephanie: What books or authors have most influenced your own writing?

Allie West: In the Meantime, by Iyanla Vanzant and I know Why the Cage Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

I also enjoy reading fiction and personal development books. Personal memoirs or autobiographies are my favorite. I like to know people’s real journeys and what made them who they are.

Stephanie: Would you rather have an endless summer or an endless winter?

Allie West: Endless Summer. I love the warm weather and all things live and thrive in the summer. It is ideal for travel and exploration and I love to travel. Last year including the USA I visited 11 countries.  Summer is light, long days, steamy nights, beautiful sunsets and a whole world to explore. 

Stephanie: Beer or wine?

Allie West: Wine

Stephanie: At the end of every showcase, I like to ask the authors for pearls of wisdom for the aspiring authors out there. What is one bit of advice you would like to share with aspiring authors?

Allie West: I’ve learned so much along the way. Here are a few highlights: Learn as much as you can. Do your research. It will save you in the long run. Hone your craft- take a class. Read everything! Invest in professional services i.e. web designer, photographer, editor, illustrator, graphic artist etc. Your work is a representation of you! Do it with class, style and professionalism.

Stephanie: I read your book in one sitting. You confirmed for me something I’ve suspected for a long time. The journey and the lessons we learn along the way make the darkest parts of our life stories a handbook on how to survive.

Your story, Allie is one of hope; not only for you, but for the rest of The Tribe; myself included. 🙂

Thank you so much for joining us at Quill’s Edge.

Allie West: Thanks for having me!

Stephanie: And thank you, Writer and Poet Nation Tribe for joining us for another edition of Quill’s Edge.

Each issue we will feature another author or poet with hot reads or “The Tea” on how to get started on your journey to publication!

Be sure to check out Allie West’s Book, A Dressed Up Mess!

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