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Quill’s Edge Author Spotlight: Meko

Welcome to another issue of Quill’s Edge’s Author Spotlight!

This week, we are excited to have multi-talented, woman on a mission, Author Meko! Be sure to check out the stand-alone article in Creative Nation Services! This new section will feature various Independent Book Publishing Companies and Services!


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Stephanie: Thanks for Joining us Meko! Tell us about yourself.

Meko: Thanks for having me Stephanie. Well, I live in Texas where I am a divorced mom with two amazing teens, and our dog- who acts like a human child.

I am also a community mentor that has no qualms in rolling up my sleeves and working alongside anyone willing to put in the sweat equity to pursue/achieve a dream.

 My position in women’s leadership and cultural growth is a powerful reminder of how you can do whatever you set your mind and heart to do. I am also the founder of Eagle Life Publications, a publishing service with a platform elevating new and published authors.  I also co-host a YouTube Channel called Sidebar with Meko & Sam every Thursday where we discuss Conversations about the complex issues women face and give encouragement to keep pushing!  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and give us a like! We really do enjoy communicating with our audience!

Stephanie: Like I said Quill’s Edge Readers, Multi Talented! Meko is also a published author with Seven books under her belt!

Meko: Yes! My debut novel, Chasing Chase is part of a series. I am working on with a 3rd installment coming out soon.

Stephanie: I understand that you also write self-help books.

 Meko: Yes, I’ve written two. Brain Food:  and Human Life.


Stephanie: I read Brain Food: Poetic Wisdom for Life. Well, actually, I keep rereading the book with a pen in hand because it is just that good! Why don’t you tell the Quill’s Edge readers about it?

Meko: Well thank you Stephanie; that means a lot to me.  Brain Food is intended to motivate and encourage you to write down a few things about yourself. Sometimes writing things down has a funny way of helping us to see ourselves in a real sense of, “How am I really?”

Stephanie: Agreed.  Brain food by definition is believed to be beneficial to the brain, especially in increasing intellectual power. Your book fleshes that concept out in a wonderful way.

Meko:  You are absolutely right Stephanie. Our brains are extremely active, very hungry organs, but they can be picky eaters!  Prayer edifies and nourishes us. But we cannot use it (prayer) to replace laziness. We must do the work! 

Stephanie: I admire writers that inspire people to marvel at their own lives by sharing thoughts in the form of poetry.

Meko: Yes, my book, Brain Food is broken up into sections where my poetry serves as a sort of a catalyst or “food” to enlighten and inspire followed by pages to capture your own thoughts and ideas.

Stephanie:  I loved all of the poems in your book, Illusion Lips, Evolve, My Muse Autism and Being Unique (My favorite) covered so many topics and spoke on so many levels.  What inspired you to start writing?

Meko: In 2009, my home was invaded, and I got shot. When I healed from my injuries, I took writing seriously and I have not stopped.

Stephanie: What a powerful testimony! Your published works and your inspiring work in the community are a powerful reminder of how a person can rise above adversity to do whatever they set their mind and heart to do.   

Meko: Thanks Stephanie.

Stephanie: You’re very welcome.

Stephanie: Okay here at Quill’s Edge we like to ask a question or two to give readers a peek at an author behind the scenes.

Meko: Ask away!

Stephanie: Which do you prefer? Writing in a café or bookstore, or at home?

Meko: I enjoy all three, depending on how I am feeling and what I am writing that day. But if I had to choose, I would choose at home in the quiet.

Stephanie: Who is your favorite author?

Meko: My favorite author is Sistah Souljah because she inspires me in so many ways. She is one of the reasons why I began to write and believe in myself enough to think that I could actually write a book for real.

Stephanie: Coffee or Tea? Wine or Beer?

Meko: Coffee and tea I love them both equally! Beer or wine?Wine of course!

Stephanie: As our interview ends, we always ask out Authors for a bit of wisdom for our aspiring authors out there.

Meko: One bit of advice that I would like to share with aspiring authors would be for them to never stop no matter how hard things get for them. People say that all the time, but you and I both know that stuff happens. We get discouraged or distracted by life. Sometimes staying focused on your writing or other goals is hard to do. But it is true, you must stick to your plans and not give up on yourself. There are times when things will get difficult, When the tears come, give in to the tears but not too much. Pray, give it to God and keep working.

Your time will come.

Stephanie: And on that powerfully uplifting note, we will end this edition of Quill’s Edge Author Spotlight. Thank you Meko for joining us!

Meko: It was a pleasure Stephanie.

Stephanie: Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Brain Food: Poetic Wisdom for Life.


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Chasing Chase (The Chase Series):


Join Meko & Sam every Thursday on YouTube for segments of Sidebar with Meko & Sam! A new video is posted every Thursday!


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And be sure to check out Meko’s Publishing Company!


For more information about Meko’s Publication Company , check out the article under Creative Nation Services! In the coming months, Stephanie will host Book Cover/ Graphic Artists, Editors and others that can help new authors fashion the perfect book!

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Until next time Quill’s Edge Readers!

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