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Quill’s Edge Special Report- Stephanie’s Back!

Five years ago a maverick writer joined the ranks of the happily published, but then she vanished. Now she’s back with and exclusive for Quill’s Edge. Let’s give a warm welcome and an even louder shout out for best selling author, Stephanie Freeman!

SF: Wow! Thanks everybody!

QE: It seems like forever since we last saw or heard from you. What in the world have you been up to?

SF: Well a lot actually.  As most of you know, I’m an Educator by day and at times that sent me traveling all over the country training end users in the Electronic Medical Records Software they needed to know in order to transact the business of the day.

QE: What’s been your favorite destination so far?

SF: Rochester Minnesota in the dead of winter. The winters there are disrespectful and mean but the residents are extremely warm. Shout out the Group K!

QE: So what’s been going on with the writing? I mean one minute you’re here and then poof!

SF: Teaching kept me busy, but it also got my creative juices flowing. I won’t say that the road has been easy. We’ve all experienced a bump in the road or what I like to call a plot twist. Each experience either good or bad led me down a rabbit hole or a back road that I never knew existed. How fortunate was I to find new stories and characters along the dark path.

QE: So don’t keep us in suspense what next for you?

SF: I pinned an exclusive contract with Shadowlilly Publications. I’ll be the headliner for their new line of Romantic Suspense. So you’ll see old favorites and some new ones.

QE: I wish you could hear the staff over here screaming and cheering for you.

SF: Thanks everybody. I went old school for you. For the second editions of my books I added in deleted scenes so the Necessary Evil and Unfinished Business books you once read are filled with new twists and turns. Nature of the Beast even got a make over.

QE:  We gotta ask, are there any new sequels we can expect in the next few months?

SF: Now that you mention it. Season of the Blood Necessary Evil Part Three is in the works. I’ve been promising it for a while but give me and the editors a little more time and you’ll see just what Alanna Symone and Cassiel Garrett have been up to since Unfinished Business.

QE: Can you give us a sneak peak?

SF:  You know how Alanna likes to turn a phrase. Well she looks this one person in the eye and says, ” I could smell it under the tiger lilies. Tell me what you and the good doctor found in the dark.

QE: Oh man… sounds like we better buckle in for this one.

SF: You know it!

QE: Thanks so much for joining us.

SF: Always a pleasure!

QE: You heard it here first! Get out and get those new versions of Stephanie’s work!

Hello there and welcome to another edition of Quill’s Edge!

It’s been quite a while since our last edition, but to make up for it we have a new author in the studio!

Newly published author, Curtis Rook stopped by to talk about his new book, Knowing, a spiritual memoir that recounts his personal journey that brought him closer to God.


Quill’s Edge: Thank you for joining us Curtis and congratulations on the new book!


Rook: Thank you. Thanks for having me.

Quill’s Edge: Let’s jump right in shall we? What constitutes good writing to you?

Rook: Good writing is easy to read. The reader is involved with the ideas and is not distracted by the words or the phrasing. The writer’s intent is readily understood.

Quill’s Edge: Do you have a specific writing style?

Rook: I write first person. I am telling my story. I assume the reader is sitting there with me, listening to me tell my story.
Quill’s Edge: So tell us about your book. Is the there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Rook: God is real, He loves you, and He wants very much to be a part of your life and have a relationship with you.

Quill’s Edge: One of our editor’s commented that reading your book was refreshing because of the way your story unfolded wasn’t like a sermon or lecture and yet by the last page they felt enlightened and encouraged.

Rook: What a compliment, thank you! When I first sat down to write the book, I didn’t want to preach. I wanted to tell my story and say in a sense, “You don’t have to take anyone’s word for it (A relationship with God) , you could and should find out for yourself. Just talk to Him, He is listening, and He will answer.

Quill’s Edge: What books/ authors have most influenced your life most?

Rook: The Bible has had the most influence on my life. I learn from it, I am inspired by it, and I often marvel at the beauty of some of the passages.
I took a course my freshman year of college titled German Novel in the 20th Century. We read The Trial by Kafka, Steppenwolf by Hesse, The Tin Drum by Grasse, Narcissus and Goldmund by Hesse, and The Metamorphosis by Kafka. I enjoyed reading those books and discussing them in class. They gave me the desire to one day write my story.

Quill’s Edge: Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Rook: Will the reader understand what I am trying to say? How can I express an emotion in words that will make the reader feel the same emotion? Will the reader not only hear what I am saying, but understand why I am saying it and know what it means?

Quill’s Edge: Excellent questions. Many writers across the genres would agree with you. There is always that nagging concern that what forms on the tip of your imagination is somehow lost in transmission from pen to page.

Quill’s Edge: Our readership consists of New and aspiring writers as well as veteran authors. Some have rituals or habits that get them in that creative space or mindset for writing. Do you have any special traditions or rules you follow to get you in the mood for writing?

Rook: Not really. I just keep reminding myself that if I don’t sit down and do it, it won’t get done.

Quill’s Edge: Agreed. Many of the authors interviewed by our editors say pretty much the same thing. Some even have special times of day or places that they write what about you?
Rook: I like the comfortable and familiar, so I can think freely and clearly.

Quill’s Edge: Thank you for joining us today Curtis. Continued success with your writing!

Praise for Curtis B. Rook’s Knowing

Excellent Read 5 Stars!

Every once in a while a book comes along that has a quiet yet profound message. Curtis Rook’s book Knowing is one such book. Told in first person, this book is the journey of one man, in search of answers and a life filled with lessons gleaned from unlikely sources. I was moved by the narrative and the plain spoken charm Rook displayed in each chapter. If you are questioning your ‘walk’ or just beginning the journey, this book is for you! A fast read, Knowing proves to be one book that will stay with the reader long after the book closes.

Truly an Inspiration 5 Stars!

There are many events in Curtis’ journey that spoke directly to me. He writes in a style that’s smooth, concise and powerful. My thoughts revisits a few of his experiences that encouraged me in a deep way. I am hoping that he will share another part of his journey in his next book.

Inspirational Read 5 Stars!

This was an inspirational read. I felt like the author was talking to me in conversation. The story describes life events that led him to the faith he has today. This book is very moving and I highly recommend it.

Interested in getting your own copy of Knowing, by Curtis Rook?



Thank you for joining us for another edition of Quill’s Edge!

Happy Writing!!!

Diva in the House! Diva in the House!

Quill’s Edge is back with an exclusive interview with bestselling Author/Poet, Andrea Yvette!

Andrea Yvette

This talented author took time out of her busy schedule discuss her new book, Empty Spaces; a collection of poems that offer a refreshing take on the human experience.

Empty Spaces Cover

Yvette’s collection of poems”’ All I can say is Whoa! Powerful! Andrea Yvette displays a unique talent of harnessing the essence of pleasure and pain with such style and grace. Every page is a gem. Every poem is a symphony.

Quill’s Edge: Thank you for joining us Andrea.

Andrea Yvette: Wow! Thanks for the intro! It’s great to be back!

Quill’s Edge: Everyone on staff here at Quill’s Edge loved your book Lounge Time Stories.lounge time stories

Now you’re back with this collection of poems called Empty Spaces. Our Editor and Chief tells us that you had your book launch party.  How was it?

Andrea Yvette: Fantastic! We had a great turn out! We also collected bottled water for the residents in Flint Michigan.

Quill’s Edge: Awesome! Giving back to the community and celebrating your new book. Win win for all involved!

Andrea Yvette: Thanks. I think that if you are blessed to have a platform, you need to use it wisely. Giving back is like breathing to me. Not only is it the right thing to do, sometimes it is the only thing we can do.

Quill’s Edge: Now Quill’s Edge has a vast readership that includes veteran authors and those currently on their journey to publication. So tell us, what constitutes good writing?

Andrea Yvette:  What constitutes good writing to me?  Material that immediately grabs my attention keeps it and leaves me satisfied.  I love material that is unique in content and character.

Quill’s Edge: Do you have a specific writing style?

 Andrea Yvette: I strive to be unique and non-stereotypical.  I strive for vivid expressions and a multi-faceted story line.

Quill’s Edge: What do you as an author and a poet find particularly challenging?

 Andrea Yvette:   I find it challenging to gain the support of The Black Woman.

Quill’s Edge: What gets you in the mood to write?

 Andrea Yvette: What gets me in the writing mood?   Every time I hear one of my readers say “I couldn’t put it down!”

Quill’s Edge: So what’s up next for you; any appearances or book tour info?

Andrea Yvette: On February 19, 2016 (yes, tonight!) I’m sharing the mike with some way talented folks over at the Battiste Lafleur Galleria. http://www.blgflowers.com

These entrepreneurs are from Kingstree, SC and have the only black-owned flower shop here in Central Ohio. Once a month they have an open mike event. Check them out! Beautiful floral arrangements for any occasion!


Quill’s Edge:  Here that people? Head over to Battiste Lafleur Galleria to hear the soulful poetry of Andrea Yvette. The show starts at 7pm. Come on out and support this fantastic lady and the folks over at Battiste Lafleur Galleria!  Thank you for joining us Andrea. Before you go,  tell the Quill’s Edge fans out there how to get their own copy of Empty Spaces?

Andrea Yvette: They can email me at: andrea.holman@yahoo.com


Quill’s Edge: All right writer and readers you got it? Now go get your copy!

Empty Spaces Cover

Launching a book? Interested in the mechanics of writing? Looking for that bit of encouragement to get you through those rejections letters? Stop by Quill’s Edge and ‘spill some  tea’. Let us help you toot your own horn while picking up some great tips on writing.

Email: stephaniemfreemanauthor@gmail.com

Quill’s Edge Author’s Spotlight: Stephanie Freeman

pretty girl

 From Grocery Receipts to Best Sellers: Finding the Time to Write

            Writing is never the problem. Even if it’s crap, pushing the nib of a pen against a sheet of paper has a Zen like quality for me.  Depending on if I am working on a book or short story, my day can start anywhere between 6 to 7am. If my muse is relentless, sometime an all-nighter may fall into the mix.

Each person is ruled by their own circadian rhythm, their own inner clock, but to carve out the time in this busy, horribly distracting world? There are no easy tricks or magic bits of advice. Sometimes, finding the time to write is an act of will. Stealing a moment here and there may seem impossible, but it’s worth the effort. From scribbling on a grocery store receipt or spending a portion of your lunch break at work journaling; it gives your mind a chance to have recess and travel out to the edge of the universe.

I am a solitary person by nature. Lunchtime for me involves physically leaving my classroom and lectern behind and going up to my truck. A co- worker teases me. She is convinced there is a small apartment complete with a stove in my truck.  It is there that I will journal about my day, or finish a thought or a character sketch. I’ve also been known to crochet or knit a row or two on a project I keep stashed away.

Coffeehouses are a haven for some writers. Others find solace writing outside under a tree or writing on a beach while the ocean makes her music. Some believe it or not prefer to write in complete silence while facing a blank wall.  I’ve been known to write in all of those places. Find the place that calls to your muse when you can and steal the other bits and pieces throughout the day.

I am a huge fan of self-imposed writer’s retreats. I will schedule an entire day or weekend to flesh out a story premise, complete a book, or continue on with a work in progress. When I come up for air after these retreats, I feel like I’ve accomplished a great deal.

Honor yourself and your characters by doing taking the time out of your schedule. Grocery receipts and cocktail napkins have this marvelous ability to turn into best-selling books and stories that inspire new ways of thinking and encourage us all with the simple realization that the world should go on. Find the time… truly.  You will be the better for it.

Writer’s Hides and the Care and Feeding of Critics

By Stephanie Freeman

            As an artist, you can count on at least one thing: critics. Depending on the thickness of your writer’s skin, a critic can discourage even the most seasoned scribe. Understanding that they are a necessary evil to the craft and learning how to sift through the venom separates the writer that survives and flourishes from the one that withers on the vine.

Some writers romanticize that their skin is a brilliant iridescent shade with scales to match. Others may think of it as a pelt much like a buffalo hide or tougher than alligator skin. However you think of your “armor”, treasure it. This thicker skin will protect you on those days when writer’s block and life’s blows make you wonder why you ever picked up the elusive banner of an artist in the first place.

So how do you develop this writer’s hide? The key to any writer’s thicker skin is to understand this: Critics will come. Don’t take them personally no matter how close to the bone they cut. Some are envious because you have a level of skill and success  they will never know. Others are cruel simply because they can be. (Some of my best villains were born of my worst critics!)

Sift through the venom. Look at what is being said. Ask yourself the following: Is it true? Is it relevant? Is it necessary? And when all else fails remember this: Writing is an act of bravery! Few will know or understand the lengths to which you went or what you endured to find the words. I think the best explanation I heard about writing was something along the lines of ‘If you want to write a really good story, open a vein’.

Sometimes even the most well intentioned friend or family member can become a critic. In those instances, use the same criterion. They may know you as a person, but as an artist? You are strangers. Writers… artists… servants of the muse are governed by something as elusive as smoke yet as real as blood. It is the stardust that lives in all of us. Whether they’ve polluted theirs or relinquished it is their burden to carry not yours.

Some critical appraisals of your work may seem like an attack when in fact, they offer an objective look at technique or content that your writer’s eyes are blind to. Sometimes a fresher eye can see the block and find a way beyond it.

The best way to properly care for and feed your critics? Develop that hide that thicker skin and  KEEP WRITING! No one can tell your stories.  Your ability to knit words together is unique to you and trust and believe. There will always be someone out there that needs to hear the story you wrote.  You and your gift have the capacity to inspire, empower and yes even delight.

Write your stories you way with your words and let the rest fall away. It was and is still the best advice I have ever been given as a writer.  It is my mantra and my mission.

Develop your writer’s hide and keep writing. Your characters your muse and your sanity will thank you for it.

© Copyright Stephanie Freeman 2013

All rights reserved.

 Quill’s Edge Author Spotlight: Kristina Knight


Welcome to another edition of Quill’s Edge!

Today’s guest is  Kristina Knight author of What a Texas Girl Needs.

Stephanie: Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us at Quill’s Edge Kristina. Let’s jump right in shall we? So tell us, What do you think makes good writing?

Kristina:  This is such a personal question, because everyone approaches a book differently. For me, good writing is all about the characters. If the characters are solid, believable – not necessarily doing everything as I would, but with good motivation – I’ll travel along on their journey. Characters make the story for me, not the location/setting, not the set-up, not the zany antics. It’s about the characters!

Stephanie: How do you choose the names for your characters?

Kristina:  They actually choose their own names and I have no idea how they do it! In my new book, What a Texas Girl Needs. I named the heroine Courtney. I couldn’t get a handle on her. I would have one scene in mind and she would take the book in a totally different – and wrong! – direction. Happened over and over. It wasn’t until she told me her name was Vanessa that things actually started to mesh with the book!

 Stephanie: What kind of music do you listen to write a love scene?

Kristina– My musical tastes are so eclectic and it changes book to book. While I’m actually writing, I listen to instrumentals or light jazz. But when I go back through to edit and add in layers of tension and conflict, I listen to a playlist I’ve created specific to that book. Country music is my favorite and my playlists are usually country-heavy. That said, a good love song like Berlin (Take My Breath Away) is never a bad thing for writing love scenes!

Stephanie:  So tell us,  what’s on your desk near your left hand?

Kristina: A Coca-cola coaster with an old red barn painted on it. And lemon-pomagranate anti-bacterial hand gel.

Stephanie: If someone posts a bad review of your work, how do you respond?

Kristina:  I cry in my Cheerios for a few minutes. And then I move on. That doesn’t mean bad reviews don’t get to me – they do – but I try to remember that I don’t like every book out there, either. Most of the time, I can see the readers viewpoint, and I can see where I’ve left a character or moment or scene short…and that pushes me to do it better the next time around.

Kristina: Here at Quill’s Edge, we offer a bit of wisdom we like to call Parting Shots.  Give at least one bit of advice that has served you well as a writer over the years.

Kristina : Write for yourself. Picturing million dollar advances and royalty checks is great, but those are few and far between. I write stories to entertain myself first…and if they fly through my editor’s hands and into the hands of readers, that is even better!

 Stephanie: Tell us about your new book,  What a Texas Girl Needs.

Kristina:  Vanessa Witte is ready to finally claim her life. The middle of three daughters born into the Witte family – a powerful Texas name – she’s been content to float through life. Being dumped by her shady ex? A blessing in disguise. Having a one-night-stand with Matias Barnes? Not one of her more stellar moments. But she’s back in Lockhardt with a secret and a reason to start fresh: A baby.

Matias Barnes knows all about society women – it’s part of the reason he left his wealthy family behind and took a job on a ranch. He doesn’t like the endless string of parties, the inane conversation, or the gold-digging tricks those women have perfected. But that doesn’t stop him from wanting Vanessa Witte. Mat knows she’s so not right for him, but with her back in Lockhardt, can he resist her charms long enough to really let her go?


Interested in buying a copy of What a Texas Girl Needs? Check out the links below:

Buy Links:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/What-Texas-Girl-Needs-ebook/dp/B00AB3TF8Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1355097492&sr=8-1&keywords=what+a+texas+girl+needs

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/what-a-texas-girl-needs/id580981410?mt=11

Author Bio:

Once upon a time, Kristina Knight spent her days running from car crash to fire to meetings with local police–no, she wasn’t a troublemaker, she was a journalist. When the opportunity to focus a bit of energy on the stories in her head, she jumped at it. And she’s never looked back. Now she writes magazine articles by day and romance novels with spice by night. She lives on Lake Erie with her husband and three-year-old daughter. Happily ever after.

Find Kristina online:

Website: http://www.kristinaknightauthor.com

  Quill’s Edge Author Spotlight: RT Wolfe

Happy Holidays!

Welcome to  our third installment of Quill’s Edge!  This go around, we are thrilled to have author RT Wolfe joining us.  Her novel, Black Creek Burning is an excellent Romantic Suspense novel that was recently published by Crimson Romance! I had the marvelous opportunity to read an advanced reader copy of this book and it was an excellent read!

Stephanie:  Thanks for joining us today So tell us,  what do    you think makes good writing?

RT Wolfe : A reader deserves to be taken out of their world and into the book they are reading. I am visual and try to use all five senses to suck them in. Characters should be diverse, yet real with flaws and appeal. For romantic suspense, an author should keep the balance between sauce and action without large gaps in between. When a reader messages me to tell me they can’t keep their eyes at work because they couldn’t my book down the night before, I know I’ve hit it.

Stephanie:  What   is your favorite theme or element in writing?

RT Wolfe:  Ugh. I have to pick a favorite? I love when 7,000 words blow onto my keyboard in one day, but I also enjoy going back over those same 7K words for weeks in order to make them flow. I go way overboard with research because it’s a blast and often reread from the beginning to make sure I’m keeping a natural romantic progression or to make sure I have an appropriate balance of descriptions and actions. Okay, I’ll be a big girl. My favorite element in writing is rereading for natural romantic progression. See? That wasn’t so hard. J

Stephanie: I love to ask a personal question (well not that personal) of each of our guest author’s to kind of give us a snapshot of you. What    is your favorite novel by a different author?

RT Wolfe : Northern Lights by Nora Roberts. (not the Lifetime Movie-ugh!) The novel is very long and I’ve read it four times. Nora is awesome.

Stephanie:  What  made you fall in love with writing?

RT Wolfe:  I honestly cannot say when I first started writing. I have no recollection of typing out those first lines. All I know is they turned into the first pages, then into the first chapters. The editing and research became crack cocaine. When I woke from my high, I had a completed novel. Holy crap, I sat right down and started the next one. I’ll never look back.

Stephanie:  What  kind of music do you listen to  when you write a love scene?

RT Wolfe: Matt Nathanson, of course!

Stephanie: What  is your favorite writer’s ritual to get you in the mood to write?

RT Wolfe:  More music, except maybe not always Matt Nathanson.

Broody survival scene? Five for Fighting or a little Guns and Roses.

Girl meets boy scene? Callie Colbert and Uncle Kracker.

All looks hopeless? The Goo Goo Dolls mixed with some Hootie.

Stephanie:  What is the one thing about writing/ publication you wish someone had told you  about sooner?

RT Wolfe:  I wish someone would have told me about the box publicists and other authors were going to try and put me in. I admit that many of the pieces of advice regarding ‘the box’ are good, sound tips. However, my fingers  and toes seem to continually slip out of the box and then I’m in trouble. So fun.

Stephanie:  As a parting shots or pearl of wisdom to aspiring authors, give at least one  bit of advice that has served you well as a writer over the years.

RT Wolfe: My advice is to stay from over thinking. I’ve met way too many authors who fear finishing their first novels because it is not of James Patterson quality (when he used to do all his own writing, that is). They go to conferences, read how-to books and freak themselves out. Putting out one’s best work is what we all owe our readers, but sometimes the over thinking causes more harm than good.

Stephanie:  Thank you for joining us today on Quill’s Edge.

 RT Wolfe: Thank you for having me today, Stephanie. I’m truly honored and completely and absolutely loved  your book Nature of the Beast.

Stephanie : Thanks so much for taking the time to read Nature of the Beast. Continued success with your writing!

Stephanie: Interested in purchasing your very own copy of RT Wolfe’s fantastic book, Black Creek Burning?

Black Creek Burning Cover

Check out the links below:

R.T. Wolfe website: http://www.rtwolfe.com

Black Creek Burning Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/1P4rqVt_mqI

R.T. Wolfe Facebook Author Page: http://www.facebook.com/RTWolfe2012

R.T. Wolfe Twitter Handle: http://www.twitter.com/RT_Wolfe

R.T. Wolfe Pinterest Page: http://www.pinterest.com/RTWolfe

Black Creek Burning Amazon buy link: http://amzn.to/PqO2gE

Black Creek Burning BN buy link: http://bit.ly/UsXZKD

Black Creek Burning Google Plus buy link: http://bit.ly/NMiHn1

Black Creek Burning iTunes buy link: http://bit.ly/UrUUHc

Black Creek Burning Kobo buy link: http://bit.ly/RCpZr8

Review from 2010 EPIC Award Winning Author, Laurie Larsen:


“I thoroughly enjoyed RT Wolfe’s masterful debut novel, Black Creek Burning. Written with confident expertise on a variety of topics such as landscaping and home remodeling, I got wrapped up in the engaging storytelling of this wonderful tale of love, danger and suspense. Along the way I completely fell in love with hero Nathan as he patiently transformed the heroine Brie from an icy self-proclaimed independent into a woman willing to accept the love of a strong man and a family in need of a mother. The details were delicious, the settings were masterfully painted, the mystery was a stumper and the romance was beautifully satisfying.

A top-rate romantic suspense from a talented promising new author. I hear rumors that this is the first book of a series, and I gleefully await the sequel.”

Stephanie: Interested in seeing your work featured on Quill’s Edge? Drop Stephanie a line at stephaniemfreemanauthor@gmail.com or simply leave a comment here.

Thanks again for joining us on Quill’s Edge!

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 Quill’s Edge Author Spotlight: Joanna Lloyd 

In this second edition of Quill’s Edge, I am honored to present Joanna Lloyd, author of Beyond Innocence. Her novel was released on  November 12th  by Crimson Romance.

Stephanie: Thanks for joining us today on Quill’s Edge  Joanna! Tell us about your book.

Joanna: I am very excited to be a here. My new release – Beyond Innocence –  is a historical romance set in 1819 Australia.

Stephanie: So tell us Joanna, what do you think makes good writing?

Joanna: I have never believed the measure of good writing has anything to do with the number of clever adjectives, big words or complex sentences. Its more to do with the flow of the writing, the authenticity of the characters and the emotional response this elicits from the reader. Then there is the capacity to tell a story. I have read books by people who are good writers but terrible storytellers and others by people who are amazing storytellers and shocking writers. The skill of combining both those elements is to me the mark of a good writer.

Stephanie:  What was the first piece you ever wrote?

Joanna: The first piece I ever wrote was a heart-wrenching journal when I was sent to boarding school at the age of 12 years old and did not return home for a year. Every night I poured out my heart as well as relating the events of my life in a strange country, sharing an open dormitory with 23 strangers. Even now when I pick up and read pages from the journal, I cry.

Stephanie:  Who is your favorite character(s) in any of your works?

Joanna: Interestingly enough in the book I have just had published (Beyond Innocence) one of my secondary characters, Callum McDonald, a scruffy, taciturn Scotsman became such a fascinating character, I found myself wanting to make him a primary character in another novel. I think I would have to say he has been my favourite.

Stephanie:  okay, in every article I always ask  what I call a “fun ” question, something that gives aspiring authors and fans a glimpse into a writer’s life. So, what’s  on your desk near your left hand?

Joanna: Hang on, I’m just trying to find my desk! Oh yes, under all the crap I have my lucky pen which sits in a holder and has a furry waggling head. Then there is my full set of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series and my Paula Roe writer’s cup full of pens.

Stephanie: Give  at least one bit of advice that has served you well as a writer over the  years.

Joanna: Ah…well what has served me well, being a writer who depends on critique partners, beta readers and any feedback available, is to not be precious about the feedback or suggestions given by a well-meaning critiquer. If your sole purpose is to make your story the best you can then ask for straight, honest feedback and don’t waste time defending what you have written. I have learned so much from the criticism I have received, I know I would never have reached publication standard without it.

Stephanie : What  is the one thing about writing/ publication you wish someone had told you  about sooner?

Joanna: I hate marketing myself. I am a technophobe and tremble when I have to use Twitter, Facebook, blogs etc. I just want to write my book and then get on to the next one. I’m not sure I would have been so excited about publication if I had realised the level of self promotion necessary. So when I saw your blog, Stephanie, I held my breath, jumped into the deep end and here I am! If someone knows of another way to encourage sales – please let me know.

Stephanie:  Joanna, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us at Quill’s Edge.  Congratulations on the new book and continued success!

Joanna: Thanks for the opportunity to chat and to promote  my new release – Beyond Innocence.

Beyond Innocence is available in E-book form.

The link to Amazon for Beyond Innocence is: http://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Innocence-ebook/dp/B009VM0L8

Below is a list of contact info for Joanna Lloyd:



Author Email:  joannalloyd.author@gmail.com


Interested in contributing to Quill’s Edge? Drop Stephanie a line at one of the following places:



Thanks for joining us!

   Quill’s Edge Author Spotlight: Robyn Corum   

 Thank you for joining us for this first edition of Quill’s Edge Author’s Spotlight. I’m here today with Robyn Corum, author of Melinda Heads West a new release from Crimson Romance.  Robyn took time out of her busy schedule to sit down with me to discuss books,  life and how a calculator can be  and unlikely yet very valuable  friend to writers.

 Stephanie :  Thank you for joining us today Robyn. So, what do you think makes good writing?

Robyn : That’s an interesting question.  I think good writing is accomplished by any writer who makes me forget myself.  Who allows me ‘fall into’ the story and lose myself entirely.  That’s done with well-rounded characters and a fully developed sense of place and time.  It’s great dialogue, good descriptions, active sentence structure and believable behavior.

Stephanie : How do you choose the names for your characters?

 Robyn:  I love choosing names for my characters.  And it’s such an interesting process!  Sometimes, the characters themselves suggest their names, or another character will offer it – natural as everyday speech as I’m writing.  Other times I have to go looking, and I always try to find names suitable to the time period I’m writing in.  I have the websites that I use listed on my blog under the “Resources” section.

Stephanie: How many words do you usually write a day?

 Robyn : When I’m working on a manuscript, I try to write at least 1,000 words a day, minimum.

Stephanie: What is your favorite genre?

 Robyn: My favorite genre to read and write, is Historical Romance.  I love to learn as I read!  *smile* It’s amazing what you can learn from a novel!

Stephanie: Who was your favorite childhood author?

Robyn: A. A. Milne, hands down.  If you’ve never read the original Winnie-the-Pooh books, you’re missing a treat.  They are filled with such humor and surprise.

Stephanie: What is your favorite thing you’ve written?

Robyn: I also write poetry and flash fiction.  I wrote a poem about my husband called, “The White Knight,” that has been one of my favorite pieces for years.  It won third place in a 2011 poetry contest.

Stephanie: What’s on your desk near your left hand?

Robyn:  A calculator.  And you might be surprised how often I use it!

Stephanie: What is the one thing about writing/publication you wish someone had told you about sooner?

Robyn: The dreaded synopsis.  I had a bite on my first novel and my editor asked for a synopsis.  I thought, “What’s a stinking synopsis?”  I found out the hard way… and with only a very few days to create one!  So heads up! When you write a book, you also have to craft a (stinking!) synopsis.  (You can also find info on that under the “Resources” tab at my blog.)

Stephanie: How do you deal with rejection letters?

Robyn: First of all, I never send anything out until I have made a list of all the places it might be accepted.  I expect rejections. They are part of this business. When an item is returned, I simply send it to the next name on the list.  This postpones any negativity I might feel by giving me something constructive to do.

Stephanie: Thank you so much for taking the time our of your busy schedule to talk with me. Do you have any, Parting Shots? Can you give us  at least one bit of advice that has served you well as a writer over the years.

Robyn: Know your strengths.  You will always have people criticizing you and your work.  You should pay attention and try every day to improve your craft.  But you should know what your true strengths are, so that you won’t be blown off course.   Believe in yourself and have faith.

Looking for a new voice in romantic fiction? Check out Robyn Corum’s book Miranda Heads West.


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Quill’s Edge

This blog was originally set aside for my musings on the road to publication and the trial and tribulations borne along the way, but something was missing. There is an old adage, “To write you must read.” Surrounding myself with books… pouring over them as both reader and writer taught me as much if not more than the days spent at University.

It was organic… it was kismet…an idea took shape in my literary womb. If books offered the wisdom of the ages imagine what talking with the writers of said books could do… would do if given the chance.

This newly revised version of Quill’s Edge is my Ghee’s Bend as it were. It is my hope; my prayer that this blog will showcase some of the most brilliant minds both old and new in fiction. May this blog be a source of encouragement and inspiration to those that still believe that writing is the noblest of professions.

Writers are the bones of the world!

Stephanie Freeman


Ground Rules:

  1. Respect is a must!  Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.
  2. Authors: You are welcome to promote your book at the end of your interview. You can include pictures of your book covers.
  3. To get a copy of the interview questions or to pick a date for your interview, please email me at the following email address: stephaniemfreemanauthor@gmail.com . Please be sure to include your name and Quill’s Edge Submission in the subject box.

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