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This past weekend, I had the pleasure of participating in the 16th Annual Cavalcade of Authors. This event hosted both International and National Bestselling Authors across the genres! This celebration hosted luminaries such as Beverly Jenkins, Brenda Jackson, Steven Barnes, Daniel Black and Sylvia Day!

National Bestselling author, Naleighna Kai created this star studded event to connect readers to their favorite authors while showcasing some of the hottest new authors in the literary world. Her Tribe Called Success consists of Natoonal Bestselling authors: Shakir Rasha, MarZe Sciott, JL Campbell, JD Mason, JL Woodson, and a host of others including yours truly.

Wisdom from the Cavalcade of Authors: Steven Barnes

Wisdom from The Cavalcade: Cerece Rennie Murphy

Wisdom from the Cavalcade: Dr. Daniel O. Black

Welcome to another edition of Quill’s Edge. In the Author Spotlight this week, we have Robert Woods, a gifted Financial Advisor. His book, A Beginner’s Guide to Wealth Building is a must have for those seeking practical advice on how to get a hold of your personal finances and break the cycle of living from paycheck to paycheck.

Robert was raised in Berkeley, California. He has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration in Finance, Investments Concentration from Golden Gate University in Sacramento California.

A selection of his achievements include:

Consultant, Greater Sacramento Financial Literacy Group

Founder, Institute for Investment Education (www.http://ifiecorp.com)

Retired: Partner at the Institute for Fiduciary Education (www.ifecorp.com). 

Retired: State of California for 28 years (16 years at the California State Teachers’ Retirement System, Investment Officer II).

Stephanie: Welcome to Quill’s Edge Robert! I am so happy you could be here.

Robert: Thanks Stephanie

Stephanie: So, tell us about your book.

Robert: Well my book is called, A Beginner’s Guide to Wealth Building


Stephanie: What do you want your readers take away from this book?

Robert: Chapters 1-15 will help you to you will understand the benefits of tax deferred savings/investment plan, understand your spending personality, how to budget and understand your net worth.

          I also discuss the meaning of stock ownership and the various types of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. You will learn how the U.S. economic system works, how to build an investment portfolio, how to read an investment performance report and a prospectus.  At the end is a word index, a glossary of investment terms and a resource guide for studying the financial market.

            In addition, I also cover the following:

the fundamentals of money management.

            How to Become financially literate.

            How to become masters of your own financial universe.

            And finally, lean how to take control of your financial future.

Stephanie: What inspired you to start writing?

Robert: I taught a group of high school students how to read the Wall Street Journal. After class, the editor of the Sacramento Observer Newspaper told me I have wisdom and knowledge our community needs. I wrote 19 articles for his newspaper. After an MBA course in Money and Banking, I realized my family never knew this stuff. I needed to teach this to my community. I soon became aware that my family was not the only one. My inspiration is to teach a Master’s Degree education in finance to everyone from children to adults.

Stephanie: What puts you in the mood to write?

Robert: My mood is driven when I see people on the street begging for money. In the greatest financial country on this planet, 25% work their entire life with no saving only to live a life below poverty or homelessness when they can no longer work. I am driven by looking at my community. They suffer because they don’t know and are taken advantage of because they lack financial literacy.   

Stephanie: What computer software do you use to write?

Robert: Word (Microsoft)/Pages (Apple).

Stephanie: Which do you prefer to write with?

Robert: My iPad

Stephanie: Where do you prefer writing?

 Robert: Writing at home. I have a special reading and writing room.

Stephanie: Who is your favorite author and why?

Robert: I don’t have one. I have genres. I like murders mysteries, science fiction and stores that have conflicts, actions, and resolutions. Walter Mosley, James Patterson, John Grisham, Lee Child, and James Rollins.

Stephanie: Here at Quill’s Edge our readers love to find out more about the featured authors by asking Just for fun Questions. Would you mind answering a few for us?

Robert: Sure!

Stephanie: Would you rather have:

Robert: An endless summer 78 to 80 Degrees

Stephanie: Favorite beverages:

Robert: Whole Earth Tea Cinnamon Spice and Wine—I make my own Cabernet!

Stephanie: Who would be on the soundtrack for your book?

Robert: Money, Money, Money—O’Jays, and/or Bridge Over the Stars—Keiko Matsui

Stephanie: So, Robert. What’s one bit of advice you’d like to share with aspiring authors?

Robert Writing is a multi-layered process. Set aside time to write. Writing is a lonely process. Let your family know when you’re writing. They need to know you will be missing in action when you write. Budget for everything: book design, editing (the biggest deal), formatting for paper and e-book. Budget for publication and marketing.

Take writing courses— know the formula for writing the various book genres (fiction and non-fiction, autobiography, memoirs, poetry…).

Stephanie: Thank you for joining us here at Quill’s Edge Robert.

Robert Thanks for having me!

Stephanie: Alright Quill’s Edge Creative Nation. Pick up your copy of A Beginner’s Guide to Wealth Building.


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