Acts of Betrayal By Sekinah Jackson


Arturo Alexander is the man of every woman’s dreams. He’s handsome, trustworthy, and shows Mercedes the respect and compassion she has always desired in a forever mate. Their relationship is solid, and she finally gets a taste of the wonderful side of love, Life couldn’t be more perfect. That is, until her best friend returns. Mercedes and Cameron’s friendship threatens Arturo, who finally reveals his insecurities and true colors. But she has everything under control—or so she thinks. An ultimate act of betrayal sends her life into a tailspin, leaving her to figure out how to pick up the pieces. Real friendships are fragile yet hard to break, but love is worse. Forgiveness of betrayal is a bitter pill and Mercedes is left to wonder … will hers stand the test of time or will they fold under the pressure? Shadows and doubt lurk beneath the surface and hearts hang in the balance in this tale of romance and intrigue.

Cover designed by J. L. Woodson of Woodson Creative Studio#ThinkFeelFlirtWithWords#WhereRealityAndImaginationReside#HeWasSupposedToLoveAndProtect#BloodAintThickerThanWater#BeatifulNightmare#PrayerAndAPistol#woodsoncreativestudio#jlwoodson

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