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Our History

Meko has a passion for helping people to grow in every aspect of their lives, she established Eagle Life to give authors a platform to publish quality books at no cost.

And with her experience with helping customers, she uses her proven success in building, branding, and managing to attract readers. She believes that if you have quality products, with quality customer service, then that’s a recipe for a quality business.

And after years of writing and publishing books, she’s devoted to preparing teams to help make others dreams come true by truly believing that teamwork really does make our dreams work. And that’s why we invite you to join us in starting, completing, or to help maintain your completed book.

Helping new authors is what we look forward to doing everyday, and that’s why we offer completely free services, which is also why we feel like there should be no excuses for not completing your book.

Our main focus is to help showcase your ideas so that you stand above the crowd.

Eagle Publications Services Include:

Book Cover Design


Editing/ Formatting


Building Your Author Platform

We even provide you with an ISBN number for retail distribution, set your price, sell on amazon and so much more!

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