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Among her many talents, Sharon Jones- Scaife also runs an independent Publishing Firm called Coffee Creek Media Group!

Founded July 16, 2018, Coffee Creek Media Group is an independent, family-owned company headquartered in Sachse, Texas. The companies making up Coffee Creek Media Group are: Frog Pond Publishing (Kids, Teens and Adults), Teen Graffiti Magazine, and SJS Graphic Arts. Coffee Creek Media Group is driven by a commitment to serve all segments of the graphic design, publishing, and printing industries, empowering a stronger, more connected world.

Sharon recently sat down with Stephanie Freeman to discuss her books and her publishing company.

Stephanie: Thanks for joining us. Let us put on your publisher’s cap now, shall we? How do you determine if a piece of writing is good?

Sharon: I have a group of beta readers and an editor that reviews all of my books to determine if it has the potential to be a good book.

Stephanie: What are some red flags you look for that make you reject as a publisher reject a book?

Sharon: One red flag for me is after reading a partial (book excerpts or chapter samples) where I love the concept pitched in the query but find the sample pages underwhelming. Another red flag would be if a writer’s writing skills aren’t as strong as their imagination.

Stephanie: What would you suggest to the aspiring author that may need to brush up on their writing skills?

Sharon: Reading more in their genre. I know it sounds cliché but reading the work of other children’s authors and studying the basics, grammar, punctuation and yes, even sentence structure is important. Remember, our stories are not simply for entertainment. Many serve as teaching tools. When creating a story for children and for the adults reading those books to their children everything matters.

Stephanie: Thank you for joining us at Creative Nation Services!

If you or someone you know writes children’s books or are seeking an illustrator, be sure to explore Coffee Creek Media Services for all of your Independent Publishing needs!

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Sharon Jones-Scaife’s books!

Maddie on a Mission

Lil’ Marco Plays Hide and Seek
Released: May 3, 2020
Amazon List:

I Miss You Papa
Released: September 3, 2018
Amazon List:

Mrs. Hughes is Missing
Released: December 3, 2018
Amazon List:

It’s Bedtime Lil’ Marco
Released: May 3, 2019
Amazon List:

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