Happy Release Day Darryl Benally!

CONGRATULATIONS! Happy Release Day to Darryl Benally!
Resilience: My Journey in the Navajo Nation is a passionate and personal analysis of the navigation through the American society as a Navajo. The indigenous Navajo way of life has been on survival mode since the inception of the Eurocentric culture in the Americas. Darryl Benally tells the true story of what it is like growing up Navajo surviving exposure the discomforts of life in a multicultural society and navigating an unjust system.
The Darryl Benally story begins on the Navajo Reservation being exposed to alcoholism, domestic violence, and attending a government sponsored boarding school. You will be inspired on how a Navajo from the Navajo reservation became a member of the Ranger Regiment and graduated with a doctorate degree. As an underdog, he had all the cards stacked against him. This is story about resiliency as it relates to how he adapted and overcame the atrocities of life.
His story is not unique but provides an insight in the boarding school experience and knowledge about the Navajo culture. Within the book, the reader will be assisted in developing cultural competence and develop insight in how they can better their lives. This is a must read for passionate readers about reforming education, seekers of indigenous knowledge, and social justice.
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Cover designer: J.L Woodson @Woodson Creative Studio
Publisher: Warrior Psychological Consulting, LLC
Sociatap: https://sociatap.com/darrylbenally

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