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“Clubhouse is the ONLY social media app where we’re making money, and they haven’t charged us a penny.”—Mary B. Morrison, New York Times Bestselling Author.


In the middle of an unexpected experience that impacted everyone across the world; a new audio-only app burst on the social media scene and connected people from all genders, ethnicities, and social status in a way no one thought possible.


Celebrities, influencers, CEOs, authors, politicians, artists, stylists, and leading entrepreneurs emerged as dynamic voices that freely shared their wealth of knowledge and experiences with people who were suddenly faced with the daunting choice of losing their employment or staying home with their families. People now had to figure out how to make ends meet, before they met the end. Many chose the latter, and the “gems” of information dropped in Clubhouse rooms helped bridge the gap between being a 9-to-5er and striking gold as an entrepreneur. People finally found their … voice and embraced the path that led to their true destiny.


This first volume of Powerhouse Voices: Amazing Experiences on Clubhouse has the success strategies and tips from the most dynamic voices in the world.


Created by USA TodayBestselling Author, Naleighna Kai

Featuring New York Times Bestselling Author Mary B. Morrison with Ehryck Gilmore, Natasha Graziano, Stephanie M. Freeman, La Ammitai, Erin Hernandez-Reisner, Maria Alejandria Munoz, Michael Graziano, D. M. Woods, Laura Bilotta, Jackie Minsky, Kara Allan, J. L. Woodson, Cynthia Fontaine, Mou Bhattacharya, Charles Myambo


Releases on April 26, 2022

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3Christina Miner and 2 others

Published by Stephanie M. Freeman

According to my mother, the M stands for Michele. To my fans, that M stands for Murder Mayhem and Mysteries. I'm a hybrid author. I write Thrillers, Mysteries, and the Paranormal. With a shot glass in one hand, I write whatever tickles my pen. By day I am an Educator. By night I'm also a book coach that helps aspiring writers birth the next bestseller. Follow me on social media at the links listed below. Connect with me on Clubhouse @stephmfreeman.

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