Cavalcade of Authors Reader Appreciation Weekend

November 27th-30th[0]=AT0Jp7EceB0ynH5gtOeiWYWcDFhc5QogRS-KGYV1frlQGh6aLmuhrnkMDPxSE13yl_jcrW_QgzEVlM5A7VteFeUrXcyHxd2_Kdvm2KZAKtMMZKhMSfi8fqiiGs2ywzHOlI6q3oj6pOJG7i-vGEWenEKxWRBFl8QK_Yrma4aVYL_XLqrgMEuhHb0rYL-aGl3P8jN_6bq2fWJcJLCr

Published by Stephanie M. Freeman

By day I am an educator complete with ink pens wound in my hair. By night, beneath the constant glow of my computer monitor, I am.... something more. Want to know more about me? Sit a spell. Read one of my books. I live in my characters (even my villans) and they live in me.

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