Writer Humor

Anyone who knows me understands that I have a vivid imagination.I also possess a great, but albeight morbid sense of humor. By no means am I taking credit for these wonderful photos. If nothing else, they can serve as a marker for the type of writer I am. The photos make me smile when I see them.They’ve caused a giggle or two and more than a little inspiration when my muse asks me to “dance”.


Want to write a good story? Open a vein.- Alex Haley

One more cup

writer fuel

cliff notes

punctuation cup

beware the writer



Dear writer

she doesnt understand.

Published by Stephanie M. Freeman

By day I am an educator complete with ink pens wound in my hair. By night, beneath the constant glow of my computer monitor, I am.... something more. Want to know more about me? Sit a spell. Read one of my books. I live in my characters (even my villans) and they live in me.