Urgent News Update!

January 7, 2014

Happy New Year !

  • Stephanie wants to wish each and every one of her friends, family and fans an awesome New Year! At the moment, Stephanie is on the mend. She was involved in a car accident before the holidays and while her injuries were extensive, she is not without a smile and genuine enthusiasm to get back to writing and sharing her love of the craft with fellow authors and her beloved fans.

Necessary Evil and Nature of the Beast Collector’s Items?

  • If you haven’t checked out Stephanie’s first two installments in her Necessary Evil Series, you better act fast. (Before the accident) Stephanie was in the process of creating an unabridged versions of Necessary Evil and Nature of the Beast !  The first paperbacks in this dark, sensual series are fading fast. Kindle versions aren’t far behind. Get your copies ASAP!





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By day I am an educator complete with ink pens wound in my hair. By night, beneath the constant glow of my computer monitor, I am.... something more. Want to know more about me? Sit a spell. Read one of my books. I live in my characters (even my villans) and they live in me.

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