Exclusive: Shadowlilly Publications Is Here!

Best selling author Stephanie Freeman has done it again! Shadowlilly Publications, Stephanie’s publishing house has opened it’s doors! In the days and weeks to come Stephanie will reveal more wonderful surprises including submission guidelines for aspiring authors seeking to publish their works!

The first book scheduled for release under the Shadowlilly Banner is none other than Red Widow’s Deliciously Wicked! Check out the website at: http://shadowlillypublications.wordpress.com/


Published by Stephanie M. Freeman

According to my mother, the M stands for Michele. To my fans, that M stands for Murder Mayhem and Mysteries. I'm a hybrid author. I write Thrillers, Mysteries, and the Paranormal. With a shot glass in one hand, I write whatever tickles my pen. By day I am an Educator. By night I'm also a book coach that helps aspiring writers birth the next bestseller. Follow me on social media at the links listed below. Connect with me on Clubhouse @stephmfreeman.

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