Unfinished Business: Early Reviews Are Calling it a Hit!

Unfinished Businesss Final Cover“Gritty- Suspenseful- Wonderful 5 Stars!”

“Stephanie Freeman continues her saga of the ruggedly handsome Cassiel Garrett
and the love of his life, Alana Symone, in this sequel to NECESSARY EVIL. I love
Alana and Cass because they are two of the most original characters in
literature. Alana in particular is in turns compelling, frightening, and deeply
loving. Wonderful complexity! Although this is a “stand-alone” novel, I would
suggest reading both novels back-to-back for a richer experience. I won’t spoil
with any plot points here, but the scenes with Val and Phae are riveting; Ms.
Freeman’s secondary characters are unforgettable, too. I recommend this series
to anyone who likes gritty suspense mingled with heartache and a truly different

-D. Cordes

“Intense and Believable. 5 Stars!”

“Stephanie Freeman intense and emotional writing style will keep readers turning the pages in her newest suspense novel, Unfinished Business. This novel brings readers the next chapter in the lives of Cassiel Garrett, formerly of the FBI and Alana Symone, former cat burglar, featured in Ms. Freeman’s earlier novel, Necessary Evil.
Alana and Cassiel are happily married and rearing their two children, even though Alana knows she has enemies all over the world who know her mysterious talents and who will not allow her to live in peace for very long, and Cassiel senses this. When Alana disappears, Cassiel knows the worst has happened and will stop at nothing to solve the mystery of her disappearance and bring her home. As he searches, he learns more than he ever suspected about his wife and fears she may never want to come home again.
This is an exciting, intense novel about people readers can like and respect, and whose love story is intense and believable. Unfinished Business is another great achievement by author Stephanie Freeman.

-K. King




Published by Stephanie M. Freeman

According to my mother, the M stands for Michele. To my fans, that M stands for Murder Mayhem and Mysteries. I'm a hybrid author. I write Thrillers, Mysteries, and the Paranormal. With a shot glass in one hand, I write whatever tickles my pen. By day I am an Educator. By night I'm also a book coach that helps aspiring writers birth the next bestseller. Follow me on social media at the links listed below. Connect with me on Clubhouse @stephmfreeman.

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