Necessary Evil Is Now Available in Paperback !!!!

Necessary Evil

            The Reviews are In!

   “Captivating and Heart Wrenching!”

                  Meline N.

 “Waiting for the sequel!”

-Zipporah R.

“Gripping and Emotional”

                              -Shelly  W.

” Fantastic!”

                              -Amber L.

“Freeman’s writing is bold and unapologetic”

-Rachel B.


Published by Stephanie M. Freeman

According to my mother, the M stands for Michele. To my fans, that M stands for Murder Mayhem and Mysteries. I'm a hybrid author. I write Thrillers, Mysteries, and the Paranormal. With a shot glass in one hand, I write whatever tickles my pen. By day I am an Educator. By night I'm also a book coach that helps aspiring writers birth the next bestseller. Follow me on social media at the links listed below. Connect with me on Clubhouse @stephmfreeman.

5 thoughts on “Necessary Evil Is Now Available in Paperback !!!!

  1. Dear Ms. Freeman,
    I read my girlfriend’s copy your book Necessary Evil. It is one of the best books I’ve ever read. The way you write is like a movie playing in my head. My favorite character is Mark. He is funny as hell. All of you’re characters, are so real. Your a powerful writer just powerful. Are you doing a sequel to the book? I hope you do. I want to know what happened to them after the book ended. Good luck with all you do.


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